Ann Coulter: "When Did We Vote To Become Mexico?"
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Ann Coulter's latest column is When Did We Vote To Become Mexico? May 22, 2013, in which she suggests that "all the scandals are intended to distract from Rubio's amnesty bill."

She goes on

For decades, Mexicans have been about 30 percent of all legal immigrants to the United States, while only a smidgen more than 1 percent come from Great Britain. Is that fair? Granted, their food is better, but why is it the norm is to have nearly 30 times as many Mexican as British immigrants?

We have been taking in more immigrants from Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Colombia, individually, than from England, our mother country. There are nearly twice as many immigrants from El Salvador as from Canada, and 10 times as many as from Australia.

Why can't the country be more or less the ethnic composition that it always was? The 50-1 Latin American-to-European ratio isn't a natural phenomenon that might result from, say, Europeans losing interest in coming here and poor Latin Americans providing some unique skill desperately needed in our modern, technology-based economy.

To the contrary, it's result of an insane government policy. Teddy Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act was designed to artificially inflate the number of immigrants from the Third World, while making it virtually impossible for anyone from the nations that historically provided our immigrants to come here.

One important point is that, while the US could get immigrants from any country in the world, it's getting most of them from Mexico, and legalizing the illegals, plus chain migration might mean an additional eighty million Mexicans, which mean that the Southwest would be Mexico.

Ann writes

I wouldn't want that many Japanese! I wouldn't want that many Dutch (not that there are that many Dutch)! Why do we have to become a different country? Was there a vote when the country decided to turn itself into Mexico? No other country has ever just decided to turn itself into another country like this.

I've added links, but I urge you to read the whole thing.

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