Eric Garcetti is first Mannequin-American L.A. mayor
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Mr. and Mrs. Garcetti kick back casual-style
The MayorTron 3000 is now operational
As we all know, the Hispanic Electoral Tidal Wave is sweeping into office new, diverse faces, like Eric Garcetti, who was elected mayor of Los Angeles yesterday. The Oxford-educated and always exquisitely-groomed Garcetti, who looks like Don Draper's less rugged cousin and is an heir to the Louis Roth Clothes fortune, claimed to be the Mexican candidate in the race for reasons that I could never quite keep straight in my head (something like Mexico being one of the countries his ancestors have had to flee one step ahead of angry peasants brandishing scythes).

As the city councilman from Silver Lake, where all the screenwriters live, Garcetti has a proven track record as a gentrifier. Hopefully, after Garcetti, all of Los Angeles will look like Silver Lake north of Sunset, not Silver Lake south of Sunset.

Beep! Tie askew. Beep! Tie askew.
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