Ann Coulter, Peter Brimelow Interviewed About The Ferguson Play In New York
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Independent journalist Phelim McAleer has a play running in New York based on the Ferguson Grand Jury testimony.

Ann Coulter saw the Ferguson play yesterday, as did Peter and Lydia Brimelow.

It's only on for two weeks, so if you want see it, check out

Here's Ann, interviewed by Phelim McAleer:

And here's Peter and Lydia Brimelow.

The point you need to know about Ferguson is that the witnesses—black witnesses, since it was a black neighborhood that Officer Wilson was protecting from black criminals—testified that the "hands up" don't shoot" narrative was a lie, which frequently happens in these cases. See Unsung Black People: The Courage Of Blacks Who Step Forward And Tell The Truth, by Ann Coulter.

More on this subject:

I repeat, if you want to see this yourself, check out
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