Ann Coulter on Flipside TV (Via TruthDig, Which Hates Her, And Probably America)
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This is from Kasia Anderson at TruthDig, who I think doesn't approve of Ann Coulter:
Is Ann Coulter the mastermind behind Donald Trump’s inflammatory immigration rhetoric? The conservative pundit herself apparently thinks so.

In a sit-down Saturday with “The Flipside” TV show’s approving host Michael Loftus, Coulter teased her latest book, “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole,” declaring it the most important of the 11 she’s published and claiming that it inspired presidential candidate and mutual admirer Donald Trump during the campaign kickoff speech heard around the world—especially in Mexico.

“Donald Trump read it,” Coulter said during the videotaped interview, held in a small side room where this reporter happened to walk in and film without objection at the Politicon conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. “So you’re gonna understand everything that’s happening over the next year if you read it. It’s where he got that spicy stuff on Mexican rapists.”

Coulter has stumped for Trump on the campaign trail and in the media since the Republican front-runner launched his bid for America’s highest office on June 16, achieving instant global notoriety with his now-infamous remark calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and drug traffickers.

Next, Coulter broadened her focus during her “Flipside” tête-à-tête to include the immigration struggles occurring beyond the U.S. border, folding the international refugee crisis into her argument. Why? Because, as she sees it, “Everything is decided by immigration, because that’s who votes here,” she said. Imagining a world consisting of nations peopled with matching blended populations, Coulter said, “If all countries are identical ... we’re just all Uganda.”

Then, invoking the reliable political go-to that is the American exceptionalism trope, she added, “If we’re going to be the force of good that we’ve always been in the world, we have to save ourselves first. And now is the time; we’re at the tipping point.”

[VIDEO: Politicon 2015: Ann Coulter Claims She Fed Donald Trump ‘That Spicy Stuff on Mexican Rapists’ October 10, 2015, Amazon link to Coulter's book added]

In fact, one of Ann's earlier columns is called “America Nears El Tipping Pointo”. [December 5, 2012]

Anyhow, here are the two clips that Anderson posted, with a snarky intro.

As for that spicy stuff about Mexican rapists, it's just the facts, although as Ann recounts in her book, the statistics are very hard to find, and the MSM keeps reporting on the activities of "San Jose Man", "Texas Man", "Upstate New York Man", and other men who turn out to be Chiapas men in real life.

Speaking of which, there are actually two stories about Mexican rape on

One is called Machismo and Married Men Spread HIV in Mexico September 18, 2013, in which we read that Chiapas Man, when at home in Chiapas, has a habit of refusing to wear a condom, catching terminal social diseases, and passing them on to his wife—sometimes by rape.

In this Mexican state, like in other rural areas in the country, women have few if any opportunities to get an education and a job, and thus become financially independent. They are forced to rely on men who often deceive and cheat on them, while they, as wives, are expected to remain faithful. This sexist behavior is nothing new in Mexico, but perhaps what some don’t realize is the effect it’s had on female health as men refuse to use condoms, and women, fully dependent on their partners, are left without a choice.
The article says that "Women in Chiapas are endangered by the patriarchal beliefs of Mexican society." Ann Coulter is pointing out that if we let Mexicans into America, so will women in America be endangered by these beliefs.

There's another story about a Mexican rapist—The Death Penalty and the Costs of an Obsession, By E.J. Dionne Jr., July 10, 2011.

It mentions Humberto Leal, a DREAM Act eligible rapist and murderer.

Dionne writes

And then there is Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who insisted upon pushing ahead with the execution of Humberto Leal, a Mexican national convicted of the rape and killing of a teenager. Even former President George W. Bush—who presided over 152 executions as Perry’s predecessor—had qualms about the case. Bush hasn’t gone soft. He’s legitimately worried about the costs of the United States’ thumbing its nose at the government of Mexico and the world.

President Obama, the International Court of Justice and the Mexican government all wanted a stay of execution. But Perry’s press secretary was unapologetic. “Texas,” said Katherine Cesinger, “is not bound by a foreign court’s ruling.”

Dionne thinks this is wrong. (He also thinks the rape and murder were wrong, of course. ) But Dionne and TruthDig would simply never mention a rape and murder committed by a Mexican (one of many) except in the context of criticizing the  "obsession" of Texans who wanted him punished.
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