ANGRY WHITE DUDE On Real Muslim Immigrant Risk - And Whom To Blame
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When in the mood Angry White Dude is one of the best polemicists out there. Contemplating the Abdulazeez Tennessee atrocity from his Southern perspective has put him in the mood: CONFEDERATE FLAG KILLS FOUR IN #CHATTANOOGA! 7-16-15
A Confederate flag is guilty of a terrorist attack in Tennessee. No, I can’t fool you! It was actually… Muhammad, of course. But you knew that before even reading any news article. Just another parishioner of the Religion Of Peace™ doing what they do! …this Muhammad (may I call you Mo?) was a naturalized US citizen who immigrated from that paradise of peace, Kuwait.
AWD has grasped the key issue here
Want to hear the really great news? The Obama State Department has brought hundreds of thousands of Mo’s to America from Muslim hell-hole countries all over the Middle East and Africa! You better believe you’re paying for their welfare, food stamps, and college indoctrination. Yay!!!
and understands the danger
Ever thought about the nightmare situation when a few thousand Mo’s decide to stop shooting up US military offices and start taking over elementary schools and shopping malls all across The Great Satan? What great targets to spread their “peace.”
(Think Beslan, perpetrated by the kinsmen of the Boston Bombers.)

Furthermore, Angry White Dude knows who to blame:

This is what happens when evil corrupt politicians (Democrats) work with stupid corrupt politicians (Republicans) to import millions and millions of who knows what from who knows where. But what’s really important to this country is to remove even the mention of a 160 year old battle flag!
He sees the inevitable consequences:
We will soon feel the full effect of importing moochers, murderers, and savage religious followers of the guy who cannot be drawn. Tennessee has been a hotbed of Muslim growth. Now they feel the pain. The Muslim pain will come to your city too.
But concludes
Aw hell, I’m just talking trash! We all know Islam is a Religion of Peace™ and we need to concentrate on killing off that evil Confederate flag! I’m sure our new Muslim immigrant friends would be happy to help! Yay!!
Beneath the vitriol, AWD is a very clear thinker. I see the last time I directly cited him was in Angry White Dude: GOP Must Go. Don't Forget The $$$$ in January 2014 quoting him saying:
Who does the Republican establishment view as it’s biggest threat? The socialist Democrats hell-bent on destroying America? A foreign power? No, the Republican establishment views the Tea Party as their enemy number one…The only group that hates the Tea Party movement worse than the mainstream propaganda media or the Democrats is the wussypants Republican Party. The GOP establishment doesn’t want change in Washington. It wants the status quo. With them in power, of course.
A view which was totally vindicated by the aftermath of the 2014 election.
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