Analyzing Obamacrat Border Scandal Newsflow: One Old Vet, Drudge, Great. MSM MIA. GOP AWOL.
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H/T One Old Vet

Distracted by earning a living for the past couple of days, this evening I invested some time in looking at the news flow on the Obamacrat Border Dissolution scandal.

(What is going on at the border is not a crisis. Katrina was a crisis. This is just a scandal – although a Nation-killing one.)

The best news is that One Old Vet has literally dragged himself from his sick bed and resumed his staggering posting pace.  One Old Vet has returned to being the Go-To source of Immigration Outrage news and all Patriots should visit his site at least daily.

The Drudge Report continues doing a first class job. As of 17-56 EST  26 stories – 40% of the total – were Border abolition atrocity stories.

But once again as I documented a week ago in Obamacrat Border Collapse Scandal: MSM In Full Repression Mode the national MSM is conspicuously absent. Only two items carried by Drudge are MSM-sourced, both Op-Eds, one the arrogant tantrum of Plutocrat greed in the New York Times caustically denounced by Steve Sailer. The rest are local TV station websites or the Conservative websites with Breitbart prominent.

Drudge of course is a news aggregator which survives by choosing for its readers the most vivid and provocative reporting out there. It might be suggested that the MSM is just dull. But this is refuted by looking at Google’s News Alert: the main page carries plenty of news about Israel’s border but nothing about America’s. Only when the search is refined do stories come up. Google News Alert is traffic-driven. The MSM is simply not supplying the broader American public with appropriately dramatic information about the Border Dissolution scandal.

In fairness I must note that 5 of the Drudge stories were from National Review, a sharp change in editorial policy since I wrote Obamacrat Border Dissolution: NATIONAL REVIEW Follows AdelZuck/GOP And Takes A Dive a week ago. I put this down to the NR Big Feet realizing the dogs don’t like this.

Also, in fairness to the Republican Party I have to say that the COMPLETE ABSENCE of protest – much less leadership – in the news channels indicates that I was right in my suggestion Is Amnesty “Dead” Because Congressional GOP Agreed To Connive At Administrative Amnesty?

The GOP Leadership has been bought.

Norman Schlei was right to snigger.

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