Ana Navarro Claims Degenerate Super Bowl Halftime Show Justifies Mass Hispanic Immigration
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Alleged conservative and CNN commentator Ana Navarro loved Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show so much that she wants the whole country to look like it.

The show featured 43-year-old Colombian singer Shakira and 50-year-old Puerto Rican entertainer Jennifer Lopez romping around in skimpy outfits and gyrating in front of millions of Americans—including many children. Some of the songs performed were entirely in Spanish and the show was filled with Hispanic themes. A possible anti-Trump message was included when children sang in cages, a likely protest of President Trump’s detention policies.

It’s hard to believe the show was a celebration of healthy American culture. But Navarro thought it was superior to anything the historic American nation produced.

The tweet expresses Hispanic supremacy, plain and simple. Some, such as Michelle Malkin, ripped into Navarro for her idiocy.

Others, such as Jeb Bush, shared Navarro’s enthusiasm for the degenerate Hispanic halftime show.

The Super Bowl is supposed to be America’s game, but its halftime show just shows the destruction mass immigration has wrought on our culture.


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