An OK Debate For Immigration Patriots—For Donald Trump, Meh (Except For Late-Breaking Correction!)
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Thursday night's Fox News debate was OK for immigration patriots.  Senator Ted Cruz repeated his support for a 180 day moratorium on H-1B programs and both Cruz and Marco Rubio attacked Trump fiercely on his hiring of guest workers in Palm Beach—completely hypocritically in Rubio's case, since his Gang of Eight bill would have made this much easier. Of course, Trump was perforce operating within current law, which immigration patriots believe should be changed.

But Trump didn't offer that defense. In fact, he even seemed  to backtrack on his stated opposition to "high-skilled" immigration, which allowed Cruz to outflank him on the right ("the abuse of the H1-B program has been rampant") and even Rubio to explain, again completely hypocritically, of the H2-B visa:

When you bring them in this way, when you bring someone in on one of these visas they can't go work for anybody else. They either work for you or they have to go back home. You basically have them captive, so you don't have to worry about competing for higher wages with another hotel down the street. And, that's why you bring workers from abroad.
Of course, Trump has made this misstep on  skilled immigration before, and corrected it.

Breaking news!!!  He has just done this again.


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