NYT's Charles Blow On The Donald: A "Nativist, Sexist, Arguably Fascist And Racist Demagogue"
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Charles Blow, the Professional Black Man who writes a column for The New York Times, hates Donald Trump.

In this latest column, he calls Trump a “nativist, sexist, arguably fascist and racist demagogue who twists the truth.”

That’s bad enough,but there's more:

“But even beyond the troubling racial realities of his candidacy is misogyny of it.

This is a man who has called various women “disgusting,” “a slob,” “grotesque,” “a dog.” And he says that he cherishes women.

Take it from me, some women are disgusting, some are slobs, some are grotesque and some are dogs. Some are, indeed, coyote ugly. How is it misogynist to observe this truth, and what proof is there that Trump is a misogynist other than the accusations of Blow and others? Arguments from authority prove nothing.

Remember that Blow is a guy who gets the vapors over nothing.

Recall what he wrote when a black cop collared his son, thinking he was a burglar:

The dean of Yale College and the campus police chief have apologized and promised an internal investigation, and I appreciate that. But the scars cannot be unmade. My son will always carry the memory of the day he left his college library and an officer trained a gun on him.
As I wrote at the time, “Scars? Seriously? Blow just told the entire planet his son is a wimp. Nice job, Dad.”


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