An Economist in Fresno Rethinks Open Borders
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From Open Borders:
How Would a Billion Immigrants Change the American Polity? AUGUST 14, 2015 NATHAN SMITH 30 COMMENTS
A Billion Immigrants: Continuing the Conversation SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 NATHAN SMITH

My recent post, “How Would a Billion Immigrants Change the American Polity?” attracted a fair amount of attention, most recently an article in the Washington Examiner with the deliciously intriguing headline “Open Borders Would Produce Dystopia, says Open Borders Advocate.” The headline, which somewhat misrepresents the more balanced article by Michael Barone that appears beneath it, is a crude caricature yet in its way bracingly lucid, for it points to what I think this debate has clarified, namely, that the chief difference between open borders advocates and their critics lies not in what they foresee but in how they assess it. …

Nathan Smith is an assistant professor of economics at Fresno Pacific University. He did his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University.
Fresno is a good place from which to get an inkling of what Open Borders has in store for America.

Fresno is much more eye-opening than the lavishly taxpayer-subsidized D.C. Deep State suburbs where George Mason U. is located.

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