The Mexican Way Of Sports Rivalry: "Taunted 49ers Fan Shoots 2 In Fresno"
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Not as bad as Brazilians decapitating sports officials, but Mexicans can also be dangerous around sports of any kind, not just soccer.  But it offers an objective lesson on immigration.  Don't allow violent people into the country.
SFGate by Kale Williams January 20, 2014
Cops: Taunted 49ers Fan Shoots 2 In Fresno
Two men were shot Sunday night in Fresno after the 49ers-Seahawks playoff battle, when some post-game posturing got out of hand, according to a report from the Fresno Bee.
The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of shots fired at a home where 15 people, including a pregnant woman, had gathered to watch the NFC Championship.
Heated words were exchanged after the game, a police official told the newspaper, with some Seahawks fans accusing the suspect, 39-year-old Amado Vargas, of being a “new” 49ers fan. Incensed, Vargas allegedly began threatening people with a knife before having it wrestled away from him.
Police said Vargas ran into a room and retrieved a handgun from a gun safe and began firing, striking two people in the leg before fleeing in a black car. The two male victims, ages 63 and 45, were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Mexico is a violent and dangerous country.  Immigration brings that violence to the United States.  So endeth the lesson

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