Americans Now "Immigrants" In Colorado
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Colorado's Rocky Mountain News, an open borders newspaper dedicated (with State leaders) to making this state a mecca for illegals aliens, foreign drug runners and sanctuary policies, last week reported that "Colo. Immigrants are mostly from outside the U.S." (RMN, p. 2, 3/16/06)[ note: online version has a slightly different headline]

I had to read this headline several times to understand that, as a descendant of the nation's Founders who fled to Colorado from Mexifornia, I am now an "immigrant", albeit it from inside the US. The news brief reports that "Nearly 19,000 people immigrated to Colorado from other countries in 2005, triple the number moving here from other states, according to US Census Bureau information released Wednesday. The lopsided immigration trend [emphasis mine] continues a pattern that goes back several years."

RMN now defines foreigners, many illegals, entering the US, and Americans relocating within our own nation as: Immigrants.

The UN defines "internal refugees" as Citizens forced to flee to other areas of their own nations to escape conditions often created by policies implement by their own government. Americans fleeing the growing Third Worldization of America solely due to our government aiding and abetting the immigration invasion—against our will—must be recognized as just that: Refugees.

Now let's talk benefits!

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