Vietnamese And Latina Women Are White Racists? Umm...How?
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The headline I read yesterday in the Los Angeles Times said:

O.C. Sweep Nets 23 Suspected Members of Racist Street Gang by H.G. Reza, Times Staff Writer March 17, 2006

Now then, I have learned to mistrust the use of the word "racist" (especially if it is written in the LA Times) ever since the term was comandeered by the Liberal Entitlement Movement as some sort of weapon of mass destruction in the War on Logic. As such, I simply had to find out the real story.

I didn't have to look far...the first sentence in Mr. Reza's column was:

"Dozens of law-enforcement officials fanned out across Orange County on Thursday to arrest 23 suspected members of a white racist street gang that includes nonwhites..."

Among those arrested were Vietnamese and Latina women.

Ok...I have a question:

If a Vietnamese woman is a white supremacist, isn't she taking self-loathing a bit too far? Seriously, does she go to gang meetings (or heists, drive-by' events) and say things like:

Hey! I know what we should do tonight! Let's burn down a few Vietnamese shops! We'll show them what they get for coming into our neighborhood! In fact, my mom has two nail salons downtown—we can start with those. Hey, if you aint White, you aint right!

(Unfortunately, it is only then that she discovers as a Vientamese woman she is not allowed to submit agenda items or really even speak...oh, and she has to drink from a different water fountain.) who labeled them a "white racist" gang? According to this LA Times article:

"Public Enemy Number One, which the Anti-Defamation League calls the county's largest white racist gang, all had criminal records but no convictions for violent crimes. "

Nope, no violent crimes or "hate" crimes for that matter. You see, this gang is best known for crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud which everybody knows are inherently racist crimes, right?

Then again, the LA Times may just be...I don't know...full of it!

The editor of the Los Angeles Times may be reached by email here.

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