Alternative To Asylum
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This story appears on the face of it to be a genuine asylum case, with credible "credible fear." Congolese couple granted asylum by Chicago immigration judge


April 2, 2007 (MILWAUKEE) - A Congolese couple fighting to remain in the United States were granted asylum today by an immigration judge in Chicago, ending years of fear and uncertainty. David and Regina Bakala broke into tears today upon hearing the judge's decision.

But why is the United States the only place they can go? Years ago, I suggested that if the US had too many refugees, perhaps Mexico would like some. I hear that there are some vacancies in Mexico. The article was titled "Dear Mr. Fox: Please Find Attached our Poor/ Tired/ Dispossessed, Etc.."

If the Mexican government doesn't believe immigration is beneficial, we could direct them to the Cato Institute, which has already translated its open borders propaganda into Spanish.

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