ACLU: Trump Deporting “Longtime US Residents”—Why Not? “Longtime" Illegals Are Worse, Not Better!
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The ACLU says Trump is going after long term scofflaws—that’s not how they put it, though.

The story is from The Intercept: New DHS Numbers Show Trump Is Deporting Longtime U.S. Residents, Ripping Families Apart, by Alice Speri, December 6, 2017.

It has details like this:

And there are others still — many of them. Adriana, Orlando, Alfredo, and Guadalupe are four of the 226,119 men, women, and children deported from the U.S. in 2017. On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security released its end-of-year immigration enforcement numbers — “the results of a year-long return to enforcing the law, upholding the integrity of our lawful immigration system, and keeping America safe,” the agency said in a statement.

A review of this year’s deportations published by Human Rights Watch on Tuesday — which includes interviews with Adriana, Orlando, Alfredo, and Guadalupe (whose real names were withheld) along with 39 other deportees — reveal that many of those removed had long-established lives and deep family connections in the U.S. Some lived and worked here for decades. Many are married to American citizens and have American-born children.

That makes it worse, not better, you idiots! Not all illegals are rapists (although, as Trump said during the campaign, "somebody's doing the raping") but they're all thieves.

Their "long-established lives" represent years of theft from the American people, their "American-born" citizen children are a worse crime—their citizenship is stolen, and America may never be rid of them.

I mean, it's like saying "They arrested Bernie Madoff, even though he stole $21 billion", or "they fired Harvey Weinstein, even though he molested hundreds of actresses".

Really, that's makes it worse—as actresses who didn't want to have any kind of "deep connections" with Harvey Weinstein could tell you.

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