A VDARE.com Reader Reports Moving To A Neighborhood That Passes The "Trick Or Treat" Test
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Re: Paul Kersey's article Diversity Vs. Halloween—Can Your Neighborhood Pass The Trick-Or-Treat Test?

From: A Former Resident Of New York [Email her]

Our oldest son is now focused on trick-or-treating for Halloween. I must tell you—the impetus for us moving to a traditional neighborhood last year came after reading a Paul Kersey article on VDARE.com about “The Trick-or-Treat Test”. It wasn’t even that our old neighborhood was unsafe.

We had moved from NYC (ugh) into a McMansiony neighborhood sans sidewalks in a Southern city (“we can get this much square footage for how much?”) and after reading the article, I relayed it to my husband. I can say we are much happier where we are now. The thought of the children going to some party in someone’s basement rather than trick or treating in the traditional sense was just too depressing!

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