A VDARE.COM Raspberry to Newsweek's Anna Quindlen
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Since the Center for Immigration Studies started publishing Backgrounders in 1985, not one of its staunchest foes have questioned even a decimal point in any of its reports.

So when Newsweek columnist Anna Quindlen opened her recent piece titled "Open to All: the Big Job" (a plea to let immigrants become eligible for the Presidency) with a reference to the CIS's latest, "Last Five Years Immigration Highest in History: Illegal Aliens Are Almost Half of New Arrivals," readers might anticipate an intelligent analysis of immigration.

Unless, of course, those same readers check in at VDARE.COM every day and know how unprofessionally the MSM covers immigration.

To begin at the beginning, Quindlen fails to mention one of the two main CIS themes even though it is prominently stated in the report's title: ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE ALMOST HALF OF NEW ARRIVALS!

An inquisitive journalist, which Quindlen is not, might have her curiosity aroused by the idea that half of all "immigrants" who enter the country break U.S. laws and are therefore "aliens."

An intellectually curious journalist, which Quindlen is also is not, might wonder what effect illegal aliens have on housing, schooling, and wages.

You can read Quindlen's inanity here if you have time to waste. Or you can imagine the text for yourself from these key words and phrases: "nativist, " "Vegetables rotting on the vine, hotel sheets going unchanged, working parents with no child care, restaurants with no busboys," "young foreign-born soldiers serving in Iraq," etc, etc.

The good news is that even Newsweek regulars recognize garbage when they read it. They rated Quindlen's column only 1.5 stars on a scale of zero to five.

No wonder. Quindlen's saccharine pro-open borders style reminds me of disgraced former Sacramento Bee columnist Diana Griego Erwin

Quindlen's husband, Gerald Krovatin, is a lawyer. Lawyers.com lists his New Jersey firm under those that practice immigration law. Maybe that explains Quindlen's thick-headedness about illegal immigration.

You can ask Quindlen what makes her so resistant to writing the truth here.

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