LULAC...They Have No Shame
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The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has launched a new website:

The illegal immigration mercenaries over at LULAC were apparently upset by the presence of protesters (aka American Citizens) at the recent grand opening of yet another Day Laborer site in Herndon, Virginia.

Many of the protesters were taking pictures and documenting the illegal activity of those present...possibly to hand the evidence over to immigration authorites, but I am only guessing.

In any event, LULAC in turn took pictures of the protesters and posted those photographs on this new website with the following explanation:

"The following photos were taken of the Minute Men; an anti-immigrant group often affiliated with white supremacy groups, during the grand opening of the Herndon, Virginia Day Laborer Center. "

Those despicable fools at LULAC will never get it, will they? I should send them a thank you note or maybe a nice hanging plant...a cactus somehow seems appropriate.

Every gratuitous, nasty attack on American character is just LULAC biting the hand that feeds and yes—when they attack a handful of Minute Men in Virginia they attack all of us, folks.

...and our tolerance is waning. A few more incidents like this and even the few immigrant sypathizers who remain will see the truth: America does not want illegal immigrants and even more, we don't want their nasty lobbyists.

Should you wish to defend our friends in Virginia, these are the foul folks responsible for the defamation:

Hector Flores LULAC National President [email]

Brent A. Wilkes LULAC National Executive Director [email]

Carolina Mu?oz Fiscal Officer [email]

Gabriela Lemus Director of Policy & Legislation [email]

Emma Moreno Director of Federal Affairs [email]

Brenda Alvarez Communications [email]

Carlos Zapata Director of Special Events [email]

Lupe Morales Membership Coordinator [email]

Miguel Fernandez Director of Program Development [email]

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