A VDARE.com Lady Reader Witnesses “Managed Democracy” At A Loudoun County Schoolboard Meeting
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I was moved to see teacher Laura Morris had given this tearful resignation at the famous Aug. 10 Loudoun County VA school board meeting [Loudoun County teacher says she has no regrets after quitting over CRT lessons, by Jake Dima, Washington Examiner, August 13, 2021].

But despite being on school grounds for nearly three hours, that day, I didn’t hear it.

Reason: after the previous Loudoun County School Board meeting in June, the Board barred the public from attending board meetings allegedly for fear of “violence,” allowing people into the building only if they had registered to speak, and in groups of ten.

Virtual speakers got to speak first, forcing myself and other parents to stand in the over 95-degree heat for over three hours. Eventually, a thunderstorm dispersed the crowd. The board voted the next day.

Why the new rules? Because the School Board (Members: 7 Democrats to 2 Republicans), supported by the Regine Media, are suppressing parent dissent. It’s case of “managed democracy,” with some help from the Regime Media.


First, no one is reporting on this, but parents at the last school board meeting in June were deliberately provoked.

Transgender “advocates” in the parking lot with us last Tuesday were enraged and began shouting when former Senator Dick Black [Tweet him] took the mic to explain:

There was a father who was getting up to speak after me. He was being harassed by several transgender advocates—people who knew that his daughter, at Stonebridge high school, had one of these guys wearing a girl’s dress go into the girls bathroom and forcibly sodomizes her. That was the man who was arrested… He sat there, with these people harassing him, the transgender advocates. They knew it, and they deliberately tried to harass him.

[Watch below, Senator Black speaks around 52:37]

This reminds me of another Regime Media theme: a Democrat Mostly Peaceful Protest looks like this (and is remembered like this), but a Republican Mostly Peaceful Protest is an “attempted coup”).

Second, parents opposed to CRT were the overwhelming majority of speakers, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the headlines.

The Washington Post played up support for the bill by claiming there were “dueling rallies” [Loudoun County School Board approves guidelines on transgender student rights, by Hannah Natanson, August 11, 2021].

I counted only twelve people in the parking lot on their side. By contrast, there were 100–150 people and at least four organizations represented on the parent side.

Furthermore, WaPo’s Natanson deliberately deceives readers claiming that the new guidelines “require teachers to address transgender children by their names and pronouns,” leaving out the much more controversial part of the proposal that grants transgender students the right to access whatever bathroom they want.

Jon Tigges, a parent arrested at June’s school board meeting, explained why he refused to leave the last school board meeting to Fox & Friends

What stood out to me the most is just how easily we’ve given up our rights and how easily we’ve retreated over the last 50 years… We can’t take another defeat if we walk out of here based on some tyrant declaring that a lawful assembling was, ‘unlawful,’ we’re going to lose again.

 [Loudoun County resident speaks out after arrest: 'It was time to stand our ground,' by Fox News Staff, June 25, 2021]

He’s right, “conservatives” haven’t really “conserved” much over the last fifty years. But it’s time for that to change.

These parents know now it’s up to them to be the thin line between a globalist Marxist elite and our children. No one is coming to save us.

It’s up to us and the independent media brave enough to cover it.

VDARE.com Lady Reader (email her) is anonymous.

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