A Death in North Carolina
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Natalie Housand Today's reminder that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime is the trial opening for the illegal alien accused of killing 20-year-old Natalie Housand. The young woman, a resident of Tabor City, North Carolina, was a nursing student who worked as a nursing assistant.

She was killed Dec. 19, 2004, by Jose Jesus Garcia Lopez, when an SUV driven by him struck her car as he swerved into her lane. Lopez will testify he was too drunk to remember the head-on collision that killed Natalie Housand, according to his lawyer.

A witness said that Lopez' vehicle was traveling at 100 mph and that the SUV's brake lights never went on.

Natalie's family and friends put together a remembrance website to celebrate her all-too-brief life, filled with photos and loving tributes.

While the big guns of the MSM contines to peddle their fare of boilerplate sob stories of poor Juan struggling across the cruel desert, the American victims of open borders get little attention and are found almost exclusively in local media. Even the horrific rape and murder of Mary Nagle in New City, New York, only rated a few brief articles in the Times, one of which was how local folks were afraid to bring total strangers into their homes as laborers.

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