A Good Sign: Trump Adviser Says The Donald's New Focus Is Immigration
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Previously: Trump Hits Immigration High Notes At CPAC

Donald Trump’s strident CPAC speech focused heavily on immigration and marked a return to form. Fortunately, it reportedly wasn’t a fluke.

A new Newsweek report claims that Trump and Stephen Miller want to make immigration the GOP’s primary pitch in 2022.

[T]he placement of immigration at the top of his agenda to bash Biden comes just days after former senior adviser Stephen Miller, a dutiful architect of Trump's zero tolerance and family separation policies, told Republican members of Congress that immigration, more than any other issue, would be their ticket to bludgeoning Democrats during the midterms and wresting control of Congress [Trump, Miller Think Road to 2022 Victory Is Immigration, by Adrian Carrasquillo, Newsweek, March 1, 2021].

Another Trump senior adviser, Steve Cortes, told the publication that the president is eager to hammer Joe Biden and the Democrats on this subject. "I 100 percent believe it is the most salient issue for the 2022 midterms," he said. "The Biden initial moves regarding the border and immigration are radical and dangerous and already producing in weeks the beginning of a crisis at the border that I believe will intensify as the weather warms."

Cortes also believes that it will be a decisive issue in 2024: "No matter who the nominee is in 2024—and I hope it's Donald Trump—highlighting immigration now is a key critical differentiating issue between Biden and the America First agenda for a Republican Congress in 2022, and an America First president in 2024, whether Trump or someone else."

This is good news for immigration patriots. Now we just need Trump to talk more about legal immigration to prove he’s serious about the issue.


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