950 Years Ago Today, William The Conqueror Began His Successful Immigration Into A Multicultural Society
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The Tweet above, which is a joke, reminds me of this:

The picture above comes from multicultural propaganda being pushed by the University of Kent (who were not joking) which I wrote about in March.

After going over the previous-to-1066 invasions (Romans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Irish raiders, etc) I got to the man we don't call William The Immigrant:

 fulfordKing Canute of Denmark  ruled England 1016-1035 but then he died, and some local people got a look-in, like Harold the Saxon. King Harold the Saxon took stern measures against Norwegian migrants at the Battle of Fulford (the last Norse victory on English soil)—in which I take personal interest. It was my family’s first experience of immigration skepticism.
The later Battle of Stamford Bridge was a stunning success, but three weeks later, along came the Normans! (But it’s okay, because actually there has always been migration.)
Well, in this case it’s really not—the Normans were just awful. They conquered, displaced the local lords, and imposed their own language. It was four hundred years before English was the common language at court. The “Harrying Of The North” (1069-1071) was an early attempt at what we now think of as either Ethnic Cleansing or genocide. Total deaths: 100, 000, many of whom starved to death because William the Migrant burnt their crops.  This is out of a total population of less than 2 million. (But it’s okay, because actually there has always been migration.)
defeatofthespanishmigrationWilliam the Conqueror’s invasion was the last actual invasion of the British Isles by interlopers, before the disaster that is modern immigration. Several people tried to commit migration, like King Philip of Spain, or  Napoleon, who built a lot of invasion barges, but couldn’t get them across because of the Royal Navy getting in his way.

Read the whole thing—I had fun writing it. However, the point remains that invasions aren't fun for the people being invaded.

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