"60 Minutes versus Lou Dobbs...and the Winner Is..."
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"60 Minutes" reporter Lesley Stahl interviewed anti-illegal immigration stalwart Lou Dobbs tonight introducing him as "a Johnny-one note" and "relentless"on the issue of the negative impact aliens have in the U.S. Representing the other side, briefly and ineffectively, was the Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok who unimaginatively called Dobbs a "fear monger."

Taken as a whole, the piece was not very informative, especially for VDARE.COM readers who are for the most part, Dobbs fans. Dobbs repeated his message that he is against illegal immigration and opposes benefits for illegal aliens. The exception Dobbs would make is medical care which he indicated he supports. And while Dobbs said "I have never called for the deportation of illegal aliens" he told Stahl it would be easily done since the U.S. can do whatever it puts its mind to.

Of greater interest were insights into Dobbs' personal life. Born in Texas, raised in Idaho, Dobbs claims to have worked alongside migrants in the field. Although poor, Dobbs did well in school and ended up at Harvard where his classmates and professors took him for a hayseed. Dobbs, who ultimately became a managing editor at CNN, fooled them all.

Dobbs is married to a Mexican-American (who agrees with him on illegal immigration and said that she often tells him "He doesn't go far enough") and lives on a 300-acre farm in New Jersey with his extended family as well as 25 horses, four dogs and one cat.

Dobbs had the better of it tonight. He came across as a reasoned patriot who sees illegal immigration as an issue that has many more negatives than positives.

And while we at VDARE.COM would like to see Dobbs expand his criticism to include legal immigration, we're happy to have him as a nightly anchor raising awareness nationwide about illegal aliens.

[VDARE.com note:The transcript is here, on one page. If you want to comment, or read the comments, go here.]

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