12 Days and Counting Since (Possibly Imaginary) Lighter Fluid Atrocity
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Earlier: Will the MSM Go All in on the Althea Bernstein Hate Crime Story Out of Madison?

Monday marks the 12th day since the horrifying and widely publicized news that a roving gang of Hawaiian-shirted white racist frat boys had set on fire a biracial young woman in Madison, Wisconsin. The Duchess of Sussex [Princess of Woke Meghan Markle, also biracial] called Althea Bernstein to comfort her after this devastating assault.

And, yet systemic white supremacy is so all-encompassing in America in 2020 that in the dozen days since the June 24th atrocity, the authorities have not announced a single lead in tracking down this white death squad operating in the heartland, presumably because the shadowy but vast Boogaloo Boys organization has infiltrated all organs of law enforcement, local, state, and federal. (They’re probably wearing Hawaiian Shirts under their blue uniforms.)

Even more alarmingly, the news media have completely stopped talking about this enormity perpetrated on the body of young woman just for being biracial. It’s almost as if journalists, deep down, racistly suspect that this Hate Crime of the Century was actually merely just another hate hoax of the week.

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