The Meghan Markle Mess: I Told You So—Miscegenation Has Risks!
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The British Royal Family is in crisis. Less than two years after marrying Meghan Markle, the brother of the future king has ceased to be royal. And it’s got everything to do with “race.” Even Alt-Lite commentators such as Sargon of Akkad agree that the problem is Meghan Markle’s flawed character. But what Sargon fails to understand is that her type of flawed character is disproportionately associated with mixed black-white race people—exactly as I warned at the time of her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018: “She’s Trouble”—But So Is He! Evolutionary Psychology Says Meghan and Harry Will Divorce.

Harry and Meghan, now widely mocked as the Prince and “Princess of Woke” [Please America, take Meghan Markle back, by Rod Liddle, Spectator USA, October, 2 2019], have plunged the House of Windsor into what the Sydney Morning Herald has described as its worst catastrophe since the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936 [Prince Harry’s attempt to protect Meghan will make her a target for hatred, by Bevan Shields, Sydney Morning Herald, January 9, 2020]. It has been lost on nobody that this abdication was brought about by King Edward’s insisting on marrying a famously self-centered American divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

As has been reported worldwide, Harry and Meghan declared, earlier this month, without bothering to consult Queen Elizabeth, that they wish to “step back” from royal duties. Queen Elizabeth, shocked and “deeply hurt,” called an emergency summit to negotiate some kind of settlement [“Deeply hurt”: Queen's warning to Prince Harry, New Zealand Herald, January 13, 2020]. She agreed to allow the couple to spend part of their time in Canada, where Meghan wants to live, while still remaining “tied to the House of Windsor” [Queen agrees to let Harry, Meghan move part time to Canada, Associated Press, by Danica Kirka et al., January 14, 2020]. Prince William, next in line to succeed after his father Prince Charles, and William’s wife, Kate, are also said to feel “let down” and “incredibly hurt” by what has transpired [Prince William ‘let down,’ Duchess Kate 'incredibly hurt' by Harry stepping down, report says, by Nate Day, Fox News, January 12, 2020].

As I noted of Meghan back in 2018: “She’s trouble.” She’s selfish, she’s narcissistic (like Hillary Clinton), she’s unstable. She will spread disorder and heartbreak wherever she sets foot.

Some of this charted in a fascinating article Meghan Markle’s Downfall (by Rebecca Sullivan, Now To Love, January 14, 2020). Her unreasonable behavior has manifested in:

  • Inviting celebrities rather than family to her wedding;
  • Shunning her sickly father;
  • Announcing her pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding reception and thus upstaging the bride;
  • Moving out of Kensington Palace—seemingly because of “tension” between her and William and Kate;
  • Losing her temper when Queen Elizabeth told her she couldn’t wear a Russian tiara that she liked at her wedding. Apparently Queen Elizabeth told Harry: “Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she's given by me”;
  • Making Kate cry, seemingly by criticising Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress for Meghan’s wedding;
  • Getting Harry to tell William that William wasn’t “rolling out the red carpet for Meghan,” causing a breakdown in the brothers’ relationship.
  • Treating valued members of staff so unreasonably that they resigned, in one case after 17 years serving the Royal family: “Meghan put a lot of demands on her and it ended up with her in tears” wrote a British tabloid of one resignation.
  • Treating Kate’s staff disrespectfully. According to an insider: “Her and Kate fell out when she bollocked Kate’s staff.”
  • Revealing that she “feels sorry” for Kate (and thus humiliating her) and publicly complaining about royal life.
  • Virtue-signalling about Global Warming while frequently taking private jets.

I think it’s fair to conclude that this manipulative woman has taken Prince Harry, a fun-loving, simple army officer, by his privates and turned him into the hen-pecked Prince of Woke, ruining his relationship with his family in the process, and shaking an institution which—at least in the opinion Sargon of Akkad—holds Britain together.

Needless to say, Leftists who loath Britain’s monarchy and Britain itself, notably Britain’s Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, claim that Markle is a victim of racism; that the Royal Family, the British media, and even the British public don’t accept her because she’s half-black. This accusation has been roundly mocked in the UK [Jeremy Corbyn is accused of talking ‘codswallop’ after aides say he agrees with Prince Harry that Meghan media coverage has ‘racial undertones,’ by James Tapsfield, Mail Online, January 15, 2020].

Corbyn’s critics, and Sargon of Akkad, are right. Peoples’ hatred of Meghan is not directly because of her “race.” But a mixed black-white woman, such as Meghan, is more likely to be “trouble” because of her race.

As I demonstrated in my earlier article, mixed black-white race people are more than just the sum of their parts.

Certainly some racial mixing can be positive, because it reduces the likelihood of double doses of harmful mutant genes, meaning that people have better physical and mental health. For example, as Kevin MacDonald has shown in Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, the British are a mixture of three ethnicities: Western Hunter Gatherers, Neolithic Farmers and Indo-Europeans. That seems to have worked out OK.

However, problems can arise when the genetic distance between the races is very large, such as between blacks and whites. These mixtures are more likely to be mentally unstable than either of their parents. This manifests in anxiety, in depression, and in heightened negative feelings of anger or hatred. The studies establishing this were recently presented by Danish researcher Emil Kirkegaard [Is miscegenation bad for your kids?, Clear Language, Clear Mind, April 1, 2017].

In addition, other research, not cited by Kirkegaard, has shown that in the US, when compared to Blacks or Whites, people who are Black-White biracial are “stark outliers” when it comes to engaging in “risky and anti-social behavior” [The Plight of Mixed Race Adolescents, by Roland Fry et al., NBER Working Paper, 2008].

This was also previously found when comparing blacks and mixed black-white people [Development and risk behavior among African American, Caucasian, and mixed-race adolescents living in high poverty inner-city neighborhoods, by J. Bolland et al., American Journal of Community Psychology, 2007]. And there is some evidence that black-white biracial children suffer from low self-esteem, something which can lead to anti-social behavior as well [Biracial Identity Development and Recommendations in Therapy, Raushanah Hud-Aleem & Jacqueline Countryman, Psychiatry MMC, 2008].

There is number of reasons for this. As I noted in my earlier article, a mixed-race relationship involves taking a risk—having a child with a person who is culturally and genetically very different. So we would expect the offspring to inherit a propensity for risk-taking.

Extreme outbreeding is also associated with a partly genetic so-called “fast Life History Strategy” in which you are programed to “live fast, die young” because you live in a plentiful yet unstable ecology. Such people create weak social bonds—consistent with high divorce rates in mixed marriages—and are evolved to an unstable ecology. In such an ecology, you may as well “outbreed” because you could be wiped out instantaneously and someone genetically very different may have some useful adaptation.

Selection for cooperation is heightened in harsh and stable environments but it is low in “fast” ones, so a “fast” strategy is associated with low altruism, poor impulse control and high mental instability.  (For a book length treatment see Race, Evolution, and Behavior, by J. Philippe Rushton, 1995.)

But there’s another factor: “outbreeding depression.”

Everyone’s heard of “inbreeding depression”: couples who are genetically too similar, such as cousins, may have genetically unhealthy offspring due to the offspring inheriting double doses of harmful mutant alleles.

However, there’s also “outbreeding depression,” which takes place when people who are very genetically different have children. In doing so, they cause alleles to combine which have never previously combined, or which haven’t done so for many thousands of years. This can have unpredictable—and usually negative, due to the fine-tuned nature of human genetics—results. This is especially true when it comes to complex traits that involve numerous genes working together—“polygenic traits”—such as personality.

The larger the inter-racial gap, the more likely this is to be a problem, explaining why it tends to manifest in the products of black-white relationships. Interestingly, Rushton highlighted evidence that, in White-Asian relationships, couples seem to compensate for being genetically physically dissimilar by being much more genetically mentally similar—on traits such as intelligence and personality—than are White-White couples [Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology and Genetic Similarity Theory, by J. Philippe Rushton, Nations and Nationalism, 2005].

This tendency would reduce outbreeding depression on mental traits. But if it occurs with Black-White couples, the larger genetic distance—as has been highlighted by Frank Salter in his 2006 book On Genetic Interests—is apparently insufficient to prevent significant outbreeding depression on mental traits. 

My guess: The Meghan-Harry marriage is falling apart. In my 2018 article, I quoted an expert estimate: “Three years to separation, five or six years to divorce.”

Harry, because of the weaknesses in personality I identified, is obsequiously giving into Meghan in order to hold it together, at least publicly. Queen Elizabeth has given them what they want for same reasons, and because a mixed-race royal marriage ending so quickly would look so bad to the Woke anti-monarchist mob.

But remember that the Queen’s very popular mother—officially known as the “Queen Mother” (1900-2002), the widow of King George VI—intensely disliked black people. She notoriously told courtier Sir Roy Strong, at a formal dinner: “Beware the Blackamoors” [Queen Mother was racist against black people and I had to censor stories about her to protect her from ridicule says leading diarist, by Katie French, Mail Online, June 5, 2017].

Perhaps she should have said, to her great-grandson, “Beware the Half-Blackamoors.”

Lance Welton [email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

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