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02/19/10 - A TX Reader Explains The Italian Anti-Illegal Alien Riots

A CA Reader Recalls When An Immigrant Ice Cream Vendor Was A Central Figure In A Terrorism Investigation; etc.

From: Judy Payne (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: A California Reader Asks If We Really Need Immigrant Ice Cream Vendors Who Don't Learn English

Letter writer Bob Skinner noted that some non-English speaking immigrant ice cream vendors like shooting victim Armajit Kaur may have a sub-rosa business of selling drugs from their carts.

Actually, that might not be the worst of it.

In a famous 2005 case in Lodi (CA), Urdu speaking Pakistani immigrant Umer Hayat who the Main Stream Media tried to convince readers was a harmless ice cream vendor was the father of convicted terrorist Hamid Hayat.

As the case evolved, it was discovered in 2003 that Umer and Hamid were stopped by Customs and Border Protection at Dulles International Airport with nearly $30,000 in cash. A two-house compound owned jointly by Umer and Hamid was valued at $390,000 with no debt.

A judge in the Hayat case, Garland E. Burrell concluded: "Umer Hayat appears to have access to a significant amount of cash from an unexplained source."

Perhaps non-English speaking immigrant ice cream sales representatives and their families deserve closer scrutiny.

Joe Guzzardi comments: During the summer of 2005, Lodi, where I then lived talked of nothing but the Hayat case. Suddenly, thanks to the New York Times and CNN, Lodi went from sleepy hamlet status to the focal point of national attention.

Five years later Hamid Hayat, convicted of terrorism charges, is serving 24 years at the Marion, Illinois federal penitentiary. Hayat's projected release date is 2026 when he will be 43. [Former Lodian in Terror Inquiry Awaits Appeal in Illinois Prison, by Lalya Bohm, Lodi News-Sentinel, February 13, 2010]

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A California Doctor Shares His Tale On Endless Illegal Alien Health Care Abuse

From:  From: Henry Chen, M.D. (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Illegals Cost Money Even When You Send Them Home

In response to Fulford's blog about how health care costs for illegal aliens drag on endlessly, I relate my story of an illegal alien patient with renal failure.

I first met "William" when my hospital asked me to care for this 60-year-old man from Senegal who had no insurance and could not receive outpatient dialysis because of his illegal status.

He would come into the hospital to receive hemodialysis only when he was ill. At one point "William" changed his name to "James," got a job at a large suburban hospital and obtained private health insurance that paid for outpatient dialysis. How he changed his name remains unfathomable.

Like so many of my foreign-born patients, "William/James" knows English only when it benefits him. If not, he can't understand English at all. 

This week, I received a phone call from a nearby doctor at a university hospital stating he was putting "William/James" on the kidney transplant list.

The doctor (I perceived a Punjabi accent) stated that "my patient's brother still in Senegal is also in need of a transplant" and that his hospital would facilitate bringing him to the U.S. for a medical evaluation.

Should Obamacare pass, we will be faced with hospitals recruiting more patients from overseas for high value surgery and treatment.

Open heart surgery, transplantation, joint replacement will be promoted outside of the country with the costs passed on to the taxpayer and health insurance purchasers.

Chen wrote previous letters urging the federal government not to invite the entire world to America and why Obamacare with aliens covered would bankrupt the U.S. Read them here and here.

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A Maryland Economics Major Says That When It Comes To GDP, Bigger Is Not Always Necessarily Better

From: Paul Mendez (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Nachman's Column: MSM Reporters, Innumeracy, And The Alleged Benefits Of Illegal Immigration

Almost everyone assumes that when it comes to Gross Domestic Product, bigger is always better.

That is not true!

GDP is broadly defined as the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year.

Therefore, if I pay you $100 to cut my lawn and you pay me $100 to cut your lawn, we are both no better off yet GDP went up $200.

Even worse, I could burn down your house and if you spent $250,000 out of your savings rebuilding it, guess what? GDP went up $250,000!

I could manufacture $1 million worth of shoddy plastic items that give off cancer-causing fumes in a factory that dumps toxic waste into the river and GDP still goes up $1 million!

Plus, the cost of treating the cancer patients and cleaning up the pollution would further add to GDP.

Many economic statistics like GDP were developed by government economists during the Depression and World War II era to judge how far below capacity the US economy was operating and how much war material could be produced.

Turning a growing GDP into something to be encouraged would be like a doctor taking your temperature, and claiming his treatment was a success because it kept going up every day!

Therefore, the so called contributions of illegal immigrants to GDP that slanted studies like the one from UCLA cited by Nachman do not take into account whether there is any true benefit to the goods and services aliens produce. [UCLA study says legalizing undocumented immigrants would help the economy, by Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times, January 7, 2010].

More importantly, they don't measure the negative impact of illegal aliens on pollution, crime, traffic congestion, suburban sprawl, school crowding or a host of other minuses that over-immigration creates.

Mendez earned a BA with high honors in economics from the College of William & Mary in Virginia and is the past-president of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals 

In addition, Mendez is active in Help Save Maryland, an organization dedicating to exposing illegal alien corruption in his state. His previous letters are here.

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