A Reader In Puerto Rico Wonders About Mark Sanchez's Language Skills
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From: Roy Sievers (e-mail him)

Allan Wall's Blog: I'm 100 Percent Mexican Says Mark Sanchez

As Puerto Rico resident, New York Jet fan and regular VDARE.COM reader, I'm fascinated at Mark Sanchez's excellent Spanish.

In his column, Joe Guzzardi cited an ESPN article about Sanchez that didn't mention that he speaks Spanish. I'm sure if Sanchez did, ESPN journalist Jorge Arangure would have made a big deal of it. [¡Viva Sanchez! by Jorge Arangure Jr, ESPN Magazine, August 11 2008]

Yet the link in Wall's blog to the story indicates that in less than two years (most of it spent on the football field) Sanchez has developed a masterful command of Spanish. [Yo Soy Mexicano: Mark Sanchez, El Universal, February 6, 2010] 

Something isn't quite right here. The most likely spin is that Sanchez's Spanish is limited but that El Universal completely cleaned it up before publishing its story.

Or maybe Sanchez read from crib notes?

Sanchez is either a brilliant linguist or this is yet more dishonesty from the mainstream media.

Sievers is a financial executive in the leisure industry. He was born in California. Previous letters from Sievers about the U.S.-Haiti immigration policy and whether Puerto Ricans consider themselves Americans are here and here.

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