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A Kansas Reader Says Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen Is "Truly Bad" On The National Question; etc.

From: Melvin McGaha (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Abolishing America's Sport (Contd.)—Why Not Limit Foreign Players Like The Caribbean League?

Here's an interesting follow up to Guzzardi's column that questions what the overall contribution to American society of foreign-born Major League baseball players may be.

In the case of Venezuela-born Ozzie Guillen it is not much.

Two days after Guzzardi's essay posted Guillen, the Chicago White Sox manager, was thrown out of a game against the Kansas City Royals. Ultimately, he was suspended

In the clubhouse, Guillen did some macho posturing suggesting that the Royals should be on the look out for retribution in future games between the two clubs.[White Sox Fall Out of First, By Mark Gonzales, Chicago Tribune, August 4, 2008]

What's most interesting is that in a recent interview (see it here) Guillen held himself up as a "role model" for young Hispanics—this despite his numerous ejections that include two previous suspensions, his many expletive-deleted post-game interviews and a throat-slashing gesture.

And regarding the national question, Guillen is truly bad.

Although he became an American citizen two years ago and has prospered here beyond his wildest dreams, Guillen claimed after his swearing-in that America "is not an easy country."

Guillen, making repeated references to the hardships of those who come here, favors more immigration.

In a quote that sounds like it could have come straight from the Main Stream Media, Guillen said: "Do you know how many people die every week just to live in this country? Hundreds."[ Ozzie Guillen Becomes U.S. Citizen, By Andrew Seligman, Associated Press, January 21, 2006]

[ note: This is not actually true. Several hundred people per year, not per week, kill themselves attempting to break into the United States through the desert. (GAO, PDF) See Mexican Government Sends Illegal Immigrants To Death – Knowingly, by Sam Francis.]

As Guzzardi said, none of these athletes qualify to be role models for our children.

But if they did, Guillen—despite what he thinks about himself—certainly is the last one I would pick.

McGaha is a long time baseball fan, dating back to the late 1950s when the Athletics (formerly in Philadelphia and now in Oakland) played in Kansas City.

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A Female Marine From Texas Says "Don't Ignore Us, Don't Deny Us"

From: Mary Leverett (e-mail her)

Re: Jared Taylor's Column: Raping The Military

I formally entered the USMC in 1977, at a time when those who had been drafted were either out of the military, as their enlistments had ended, or were on their second, third or fourth enlistments. 

At the time, women were not allowed aboard ships, so I dealt with resentment of my fellow Marines in that, if our unit was deployed, I would be re-assigned to shore duty while a man would be transferred in to replace me. 

My reaction was "tell Congress to change the law"—I was more than willing to fulfill my duties wherever the Marine Corps determined I was needed.

As to physical differences Taylor mentions—yes, there are certain realities but it's up to the individual, male or female, to make the necessary adjustments.

At 5' 6", that's what I did. And I performed my job as well as any man.

As far as women's ability to kill, which also concerns Taylor, I have no problem there either.

Let me tell you this story.

We were living in Mexico when the 9/11 attacks occurred and were unable to return to the U.S. until the following Friday. I walked into the closest Marine Corps recruiting office and offered to sign up.

I had a plan—develop a platoon of women Marines with all the combat preparedness of men—and go into Afghanistan. We'd find Osama bin Laden!

I don't believe Taylor gives credit to women's desire for revenge when our security is at risk. We take threats to our lives seriously and are eager to protect our loved ones and ourselves.

Finally as far as sexual harassment, Taylor failed to mention that the Marine Corps is an all-volunteer force. If one chooses to join, then it is incumbent on the individual to deal with the issues as they present themselves.

Women in the Marine Corps can and do contribute. Don't ignore us and don't deny us!

Semper Fi'

Leverett, whose father is a Marine Corps Mustang, previously commented here on Gen. Peter Pace's duplicity during President Bush's amnesty drives. Her other letters are here.

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A California Reader Defends Peter Brimelow and Joe Guzzardi Against Racist Rants

From: Wanda Pearl (e-mail her)

Re:  Saturday Forum: A Hispanic Reader Wants Guzzardi and Brimelow Dead—Or At Least Back In Italy And England

Cowardly letter writer "Kukulcan"—he refuses to use his real name— proves himself to be ignorant and racist as well.

Despite what "Kukulcan" would like to believe about its origins, the word California is derived from Latin root words as are the Romance languages that evolved from them.

Unfortunately, history is not something Hispanics like "Kukulcan" find convenient. Their hatred and small minds require them to sweep it under the rug.

Look, for example, at the Aztec record of slavery, oppression, genocide and butchery. Of course, we've all heard Hispanics attempt to hide behind the lies that they are "indigenous", despite the fact that they are not.

"Kukulcan" can gloat about his beloved La Raza all he likes. But that organization preys on individuals like him for its own agenda, exploiting his hatred and foolishness. La Raza, like the corrupt Mexican and Latin American governments, serves the wealthy and powerful power, not the common Hispanic.

If allowed to succeed in his reconquista goals, "Kukulcan" and his peers will be trapped in the Mexico-like environment they claim to be seeking to escape.

Blaming America and Americans who do the hard work and who commit themselves to ethics and principles along the way is the losing game hate mongers like "Kukulcan" try to play.

"Kukulcan" and his ilk imprison themselves with their loathing and bitterness. They fear Peter Brimelow and Joe Guzzardi because they refuse to do the same and are therefore free to tell the truth.

Pearl, who lives in Hollywood, is an actor and pianist.

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