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04/30/10 - A San Francisco Reader Wants His City To Pay Attention To Its Illegal Aliens

A California Reader Says Arizona Hispanics Must Comply With SB 1070; etc.

From: Steve Funk (e-mail him)

James Fulford's Blog: John Lott on Arizona—They're Lying About The Law

Okay, let's assume you are a Hispanic living in Arizona.

Because of SB 1070, some Hispanic spokesmen tells you to be paranoid about being stopped by the police under the new law.  

Should you be? I say no.

Fortunately, you are not in Mexico. The cops aren't going to shake you down for a bribe. They are just doing their job. And it would only tarnish their department's reputation if they arrest innocent people. 

How you as a Hispanic react is your business. But if you have teenage kids, you are doing them a grave disservice if you advise them to fear the cops.

Getting along with the cops is not rocket science. 

Don't move away from them. Don't act aggressively but you do look them in the eye and say, "Good afternoon officer, how can I help you?" 

If your English is not fluent, practice that phrase. 

When they ask for your ID, your response is "of course," or "yes, sir." 

Remember, you are a law-abiding citizen who respects the police for protecting you from the bad guys. 

Make sure you have your ID. Law enforcement's job is to find criminals.  Your job is to show them that you aren't the one they are looking for. They don't want to waste your time or theirs.  Of course, if you are illegal, then you have a problem.

The police have always had the right to stop people and ask for identification. That is not new with this law. Hispanics duty as citizens or legal residents to cooperate with the police has not changed.

Funk is retired. His previous letters about global warming, censorship at the Sacramento Bee and Fox News' bias are here, here and here.

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An Alaska Reader Wonders About Muslim Sexual Perversion

From:  Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Normal Afghan Pederasty

I watched the PBS documentary The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan too.  My reaction was much the same as Walker's. But I just had to laugh—it was so bizarre.  Like, what is going on here and why is this adult Afghani male, Dastagar, so openly lusting after teenage boys? 

Is he gay? There must be gays all societies, but aren't Muslim countries supposed to be all ultra-conservative when it comes to sexual mores? Why doesn't he get women?  It strikes me as really weird.

Apparently, Dastagar doesn't see the contradiction between devoutly praying and then bragging about bedding literally thousands of young boys. 

And what's up with his car dealership?  Those look like late model cars.  Who in that dust-bowl has thousands of dollars to blow on new vehicles? 

I suspect a car thief ring, where ethnic gangs in First World countries ship cars to him and he sells them to warlords in his country.

Brenda Walker replies: The moral contradictions presented in the video are huge, as Kennedy points out. My sense is that child sex abuse is far more common than we realize. But in some cultures it is condemned and in others it is sort of accepted but behind closed doors. Islam of course is the undisputed leader of religious hypocrisy.

Kennedy is a VDARE.COM contributor. His previous letters to us are here.

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A Missouri Reader Reports Black, Hispanic "Flash Mobsters" Hit Kansas City, Philadelphia; Fruit Of Age Of Obama?

From: John E. Powell (e-mail him)

Just south of downtown Kansas City, there's an upscale, largely white shopping and dining area called the Country Club Plaza which is modeled after Seville, Spain.  Other than the occasional bar brawl or auto theft, it's usually quite peaceful.

All this changed the night of Saturday, April 10, when over 900 black and Hispanic teenagers descended upon the Plaza and wrought havoc for hours. 

They blocked the entrances to businesses, tossed a high-school girl dressed for her prom into a fountain, brandished knives and guns, smashed flowerpots and damaged property, groped women, fought with each other and beat one person nearly unconscious. [Police Sort Through Saturday Night Problems on, near Plaza, by Christine Vendel, Kansas City Star, April 12, 2010]

I was on the Plaza that evening and witnessed the chaos first-hand. People were running for safety into a nearby bar.

Walking around outside, I could see and hear the police sirens. Roads were blocked off.  Hundreds of black youths were running through the streets, pushing people down and screaming obscenities.

Initially, the local news ignored the perpetrators' race since they are non-white and described the thugs as only "teenagers."  

But based on my eye witness observation of the crowds that night, the rioters were all Hispanic and black. Many were female and some sported gang apparel. 

Apparently, similar disturbances had occurred the previous two weekends but on a smaller scale. 

That fateful Saturday night reached the climax it did, according to local sources, because teenagers had spent the entire week promoting the chaos among themselves on social-networking sites, telling their friends to come to the Plaza on Saturday night, April 10.

The outrage has been substantial; the private gossip, rife. 

Within two days of the event, because of the public knew who was behind it, the media acknowledged the truth and dropped its politically correct coverage.

Star editorial columnist Yael T. Abouhalkah wrote:

"The mobs of black teenagers who gathered Saturday night on the Country Club Plaza have the mayor, police, shoppers, merchants and Kansas Citians searching for answers. Again!" [Mobs of Black Teens on the Plaza, by Yael T. Abouhalkah, April 12, 2010]  

In the 25 years I've frequented Country Club Plaza, I've never experienced anything remotely close to this frightening behavior. 

And apparently it is not limited to Kansas City, as something similar recently occurred in Philadelphia where on March 2, 9000 "flash mobsters" stomped on cars and beat up innocent bystanders. As they did in Kansas City, the hoods organized through posts on MySpace and Twitter.

Is this the fruit of the Age of Obama?

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