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A Tennessee Reader Says Illegal Success Stories Make Her Nervous; etc.

From: Doris Giroux (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Infinite Monkey Theorem: How Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa Made It Into The New York Times Discovered

I watched a recent network television series about the Johns Hopkins Hospital in which Dr. Quiñones appeared. 

He repeatedly talked about being an illegal alien and he made the case for other illegals to come to the U.S.

Another well known illegal alien success story is Cesar Millan who appears on the National Geographic Channel as the "Dog Whisperer."

I'm a big Millan fan, but I fear for our country with all the illegal aliens pouring in even if a few good ones are included. Their number is so small compared to the millions of illegals that it hardly counts. 

The Census Bureau predicts that by 2040, we'll be overwhelmed by immigrants from Third World countries.

Americans have had enough. We may need to march on Washington to save our great nation.

I'm ready to join in.

Giroux gathered names for a petition to get Ralph Nader on the Tennessee ballot. In addition to opposing illegal immigration, she is also against neo- liberal economics and globalism.

Joe Guzzardi adds: Since last week, when my column about Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa appeared, I've gathered some additional information about his curious case that will be the subject of an upcoming essay.

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An Oregon Reader Calls Affirmative Action Perverse

From: Terry Baker (e-mail him)  

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Was Barack Obama An Affirmative Action Case In Law School? A Libertarian VP Candidate Will Bet A Million Dollars He Was

I'll take that bet as well.  

Based on how poor her Princeton University senior thesis was, we could safely assume she was an affirmative action beneficiary.

I didn't qualify for Princeton either since I was just a white guy with an average high school GPA. But, I didn't go around whining that life is unfair because I couldn't get into an Ivy League school.  

Instead I went on to get a degree in criminology. I soon received an award from a local agency in recognition for outstanding work I did for them as an intern.  

But when I applied to that same organization in the early 1990's to hopefully begin a career in law enforcement, the recruiter said I am "too male and too white" to be hired. The next county said the exact same thing. So, reading the writing on the wall, I went into an unrelated private industry and did fabulously well—much better than I ever would have as a police officer.  

So in a perverse way, affirmative action worked out for me after all.   And curiously, it also allows us to speculate that neither of the Obamas—Barack or Michelle—could have succeeded without it.   Who can prove us wrong?  

real victims of affirmative action run amok are those for whom it was originally intended—blacks. Some who have prospered on their own still may be the target of nagging doubts about how they got to where they are.  

But many may have lost out in the battle for preferences to other minorities, mainly Asians.  

Baker's previous letter about the recent Mississippi raids and the arrest of hundreds of illegal aliens is here.

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A Florida Republican And World War II Veteran Says No Way On Sarah Palin

From: George Warm (e-mail him)

Re: Pat Buchanan's Column: Distant Drums Mar Palin's Party

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will not change my mind about rejecting Republican Senator John McCain's bid for president.

McCain's Palin pick is like Barbra Streisand  wooing supporters of the Second Amendment to her concerts because the American patriot and rock 'n roller Ted Nugent will play guitar for her that night.

It would not make a difference if Nugent plays for her or not. Gun owners would be duped out of their money because of Streisand's empty promises.

The S. 2611 amnesty bill McCain vigorously endorsed with shows us of his true colors and commitment to open borders cheap alien labor,

I have been burned too many times by RINOs like McCain and that is why I will not vote for him, with or without Palin.

In 2000 I voted for George W. Bush so shame on him for deceiving me.

But shame on me in 2004 when I helped re-elect Bush again. I ignored his anti- American policies and fell for his support the phony war on terror.

Now that it is 2008 I'll vote with a clear conscience not for the lesser of two evils but for someone who is not evil at all, Chuck Baldwin. 

Warm, a U. S. Army combat medic in World War II, is the father of two. He is a truck driver. His previous letters, including one about Mexican truck drivers, are here.

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An Illinois Engineer Says The Mainstream Media Doesn't Understand That Americans Have The "Best Minds"

From: Bob Johnson (e-mail him)

The Rocky Mountain News has no clue.

Its editorial, "Importing the Best Minds," completely ignores the brilliant minds of native Americans who have been displaced by less qualified foreign-born workers.[ Importing the Best Minds, Editorial, Rocky Mountain News, August 10, 2008]

The editorial's claim that: "It's absurd, in fact, to think American companies are actively ignoring better qualified native applicants" insults those of us who have lost our jobs to cheaper imported labor.

I recommend that the Rocky Mountain News editorial board, and the boards of all the other major daily newspapers, watch "How Not To Hire An American" produced by the Programmers Guild and seen on You Tube here.

Johnson contributes articles to a professional Internet newsletter. His previous letters to VDARE.COM about Joe Biden and the H-1B visa and football coaches with H-1B visas are here and here.

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