An Illinois Reader Says Biden Is Worse Than Bad
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From: Robert B. Johnson (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: How Bad Is Biden?

Joe Biden, in addition to his support of illegal immigration and an endless stream of refugees, is one of the big backers more H-1B visas.

When Barack Obama chose Biden to be his Vice-Presidential nominee, I did some research.

I found this gem written by Computer World blogger Dino Perrotti.

Asking how it was that American engineers staved off a looming increase in the H-1B visa cap, Perrotti asked:

"Was it that Senator Biden (D-DE) wanted the Democrats to take credit for an H-1B increase next session so they can get all those big campaign contributions from tech companies?"

It looks to me like Biden is bad across the board—legal and illegal immigration as well as non-immigrant visas for all!

Johnson is an engineer whose frequently contributes articles to a professional Internet newsletter.

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