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A Chicago Reader At May Day Rally Says Socialist, Communist Organizations Dominated; etc.

From: Dawn Mueller: (e-mail her)

I am an Illinois native, currently living in a suburb of Chicago's west side. Pockets of so-called "immigrants" surround me.

The area from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River, land that my family helped settle dating back to the 18th Century, is slowly but surely giving way to illegal aliens.

As I write this, I have just returned from observing Chicago's version of the "May Day" march. 

Large contingents of socialist and communist organizations dominated the event.

They participated and distributed propagandistic literature and newspapers in Spanish and English.  

The International Socialist Organization and the Progressive Labor Party, both Marxist, were the most visible and active. 

I listened to the speeches while circulating through the crowd, taking note of groups present and their leaders. Readers interested in the details can contact me.

I shadowed several of the organizers, most prominently one of the driving forces behind the march, the socialist labor leader Jorge Mujica

Service Employees International and UNITE HERE promoted their unions with signs and T-shirts.  Among the placards were those that read: "Smash all borders," "Destroy All Borders," and "Brown Is the New White"

I found a few anti-war and GLBT protesters scattered here and there. They added to the crowd's size but were not really interested in amnesty for illegal aliens.

Interestingly, African-Americans—those who have lost the most to the Hispanic invasion—were few and far between, mostly a token presence by Rainbow/Push.

Apparently the alliance between Hispanics and black Americans that the Hispanic lobby tries to promote is virtually non-existent. 

One individual who had been manipulated as the symbol of how immigration enforcement "tears families apart" was not in widely seen: little Saulito Arellano. The anchor baby citizen received only a token mention in the mainstream media.[We Are Not Aliens: Marchers, By  Rummana Hussein, Chicago Sun- Times, May 2, 2008]

Maybe even subversives must realize that manipulating a child is poor form.

Mueller edits the Citizen Security Newsletter. Sign up to receive it by emailing her.

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A Georgia Reader Says Even Green Card Holders Are Not Necessarily "Loyal" To The U.S.

From:  Phil (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Victim Visa Strikes!

As the debate about foreign-born U.S. residents and their loyalty (or lack thereof) to the U.S. intensifies, this recent item from the Taipei Times provides valuable insights.

A story it published revealed that Chinese Nationalist party presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou

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