A NY Reader Says Obama's Body Language Clearly Indicates Sexism
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From: Mary Lawrence (e-mail her)

Re: Kristin Kroll's Letter: A California Woman Calls Barack Obama A Sexist

Kroll's letter, suggesting that Barack Obama may harbor deeply rooted sexism, is supported by watching his behavior toward his wife Michelle during their April appearance together in Indiana.

If you study Obama's body language in the YouTube video, you'll discover many indications of his anti-woman sentiments.

In the first place, the couple is sitting on what appears to be a picnic table. But Barack has placed himself above Michelle (he's on the table and she's on the bench) so that he's looking down at her. Many experts claim that a man's eye level should be below a woman's to allow her the maximum comfort zone. At the very least, the appropriate position for Obama to assume would be sitting and next to his wife.

Also notice that at the beginning of Michelle's remarks, Barack is first covering his mouth and then looking downward, two gestures generally considered in the study of body language to be indications of disapproval or wanting to hide something.

No one has written more revealingly about the Obamas than your Steve Sailer. He has urged that citizens become more informed about Obama.

Kroll's point, therefore, about Barack's latent sexism, merits further exploration.

Obama's disregard for females and their opinions should set off alarm bells to women who foolishly think he supports them or their interests.

I include, of course, Michelle Obama.

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