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An Idaho Reader, Refugee From California, Says It's Impossible To Calculate How Much Aliens Pay In Taxes Since No One Knows How Many Are Here; etc.

From: Peter Brittain (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Schwarzenegger In Denial On Illegal Alien Costs

Can anyone tell me how the statisticians came up with the figures on taxes paid by illegal aliens? 

How can the so-called experts arrive at a number when no one knows for sure how many aliens are here, where they are, who they are, what they are doing or where they may be working?

I'm sure that any estimate for taxes paid by illegals is too high.

An example: my wife had a shop in Laguna Beach, California about 19 years ago. She closed it before we moved to Idaho.

Her shop was next to a Western Union outlet. The manager told my wife that told her that long ago that he typically wired $30,000 a month to Mexico.

The illegal alien community in Laguna Beach was doing business in cash only...$5 or $6 dollars hourly and hamburgesas for lunch thrown into the deal.

How much of that money do you think had taxes paid on it?  Since Laguna Beach is an illegal alien sanctuary, and the place is crawling with them now, I suspect most of the money sent to Mexico today is untaxed. 

To highlight to my liberal friends how bad illegal alien fraud is, I bought a matricula consular card for $40 at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.

It's as phony as a $3 bill but it gets me $500 credit at the Bank of America, no questions asked.

And I don't even look Mexican!

A previous letter from Brittain explaining why he left California is here. Other letters from him are here.

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A California Reader Says Illegal Immigration Costs That Don't Include Anchor Babies Are "Meaningless"

From:  Steve Smith: (e-mail him)

Nobody can legitimately tabulate the cost of illegal immigration without including the costs of their anchor baby children. Calculations without that factor are meaningless.

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