Banks In Mexico Vs. Bank Of America
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The Bank Of America Boycott website has this Youtube video of phonecalls to Mexican banks, asking them if they accept the Matricula Consular as a form of identification. They don't. Which is interesting, because American banks do.

The Boycott Bank Of America coalition has a list of reasons why you should boycott the bank:

  1. Bank of America accepts the worthless Mexican ID called a Matricula Consular card. Only illegal aliens in America need this card to function.
  2. Bank of America knowingly gives illegal aliens bank accounts and home mortgages at a time when foreclosures are at historically high levels for legal American citizens.
  3. Bank of America is now targeting illegal aliens to receive credit cards with no social security or credit history. In effect, illegal aliens will be given preferential treatment over American credit consumers.
  4. Bank of America gives tens of thousands of dollars to racist groups that support illegal immigration such as La Raza (The Race), MALDEF, and LULAC. They also give money to try and defeat immigration enforcement measures supported by the American public such as Arizona's proposition 200!

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