A Nevada Reader Says When The ADL Is After You, "You're In Big Trouble"
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04/12/08 - Saturday Forum: An Idaho Reader, Refugee From California, Says It's Impossible To Calculate How Much Aliens Pay In Taxes Since No One Knows How Many Are Here; etc.

From: Ken Record (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Why Does The Anti-Defamation League Want Jews (And America) To Commit Suicide?

Like many organizations that began with noble purposes, the Anti-Defamation League now carries a big overhead as well as the financial burden of having to pay off millions of dollars in debt from adverse judgments over the past five years.  

Hence, the ADL has to shake the money tree regularly. The so-called abuses against illegal aliens are low hanging fruit.

The patriotic immigration reform summit held in Las Vegas in 2005  featured Congressman Tom Tancredo as its keynote speaker.  

Unfortunately, a troglodyte organization with ties to a neo-Nazi group had posted anti-immigration billboards at three prominent locations in Las Vegas.

It was a situation made to order for the ADL.  Despite my warning to the summit organizers, the iron heads that ran the affair did not check media credentials of the people asking for press badges.

The ADL inserted two ringers looking for dirt on patriots while ignoring a noisy pro-immigration demonstration outside the convention hall by the local Nation of Islam crowd.

Media coverage of the summit, strongly influenced by the ADL, was what you might expect. I hit the roof because there was no mention of the Islamic protest.

The ADL has a tremendous amount of juice in Nevada.   Sheldon Adelson, rated as by Forbes as America's third richest man, is a key ADL donor.

Active, honorary ADL members include the Greenspun family, of the Hank Greenspun University of Nevada at Las Vegas School of Journalism.

As you can tell by the financial clout it has, if the ADL turns on you in southern Nevada—or anywhere else, I imagine—you're in big trouble.

Brenda Walker comments: A gaggle of liberals with too much money and dumb ideas certainly can cause a lot of trouble! Jews are absolutely targeted by  many of the new immigrant groups. But they continue marching in lockstep off a cliff. Local manifestations, as Record has documented, are distressing.

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