A Black Reader Writes On Obama's Appeal To White Guilt
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From: Elizabeth Wright:

Re Steve Sailer's White Guilt, Obamania, And The Reality Of Race

Months ago, the Obama infatuation sent me down the same path of thinking as Steve Sailer. I found myself asking, What's up with whites? Why do they constantly need to select out the "good black" on whom to publicly dump their affections? Is it because of the guilt they feel about the many black miscreants whom they cannot bring themselves to like? I don't know if Sailer will agree, but it occurred to me that whites periodically "discover" or invent a Colin Powell  out of a determined desire to elevate or enhance the profile of blacks. In this way, they are assured of a reputable black person worthy of their acclaim. Obama is, indeed, this year's Colin Powell. Who might be the next one?

Of course, Sailer is right—the crusade to couple race and guilt is a white-on-white obsession.

Elizabeth Wright [email her] is editor of the newsletter, Issues & Views, initially published in 1985 as a hard copy edition. She recently wrote A Black "Old Right Conservative" On The Black Elite's Immigration Betrayal

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