An Arizona Reader Has Stopped Wondering About GOP
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01/04/07 - Two Readers Differ On Third Parties

From L. Long in Tucson:

Isn't it interesting that Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell are so beholden to corporate interests and political "contributions" that they are willing to cheerlead for "comprehensive" (that's amnesty for the uninformed) immigration reform i.e. they are willing to tolerate permanent minority status.

Surely, McConnell, McCain, et al know few Hispanics will ever vote Republican—because Democrats simply offer more "goodies"?

I used to wonder why more Republicans would not resist the loss of traditional national identity but now it's obvious. Their "perks", and pensions will not be in threatened and their "contributions" will increase, and they will be re-elected by those who don't know our country is for sale.

All one has to do is slip a check under the right doors on Capitol Hill. And those who think I am mistaken need a physical exam that includes a "reality check."

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