Today's Letter: An Angry Reader Reveals Reverse Assimilation At USC And In The Bronx
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Re: Fighting Back Works–Latest Asian Gunman Disarmed By Students

From: [email protected]

Subject: You are an idiot

In your latest blog post you talk about the USC student who was arrested on weapons charges recently. Zao Xing Yang is his name. I go to USC and I have actually talked to the kid a few times... he was an acquaintance of a friend.  He was from the Bronx, NY and was actually a quite friendly kid.  He goes by Crossing [i.e. from Ped Xing signs, a pun that was invented by Robert Anton Wilson.] since people have trouble with his first name. 

He has no student visa and is perfectly American.  He made some bad decisions as far as selling drugs and having guns go, but that's it.  He was from the Bronx and tried to be a "baller" type. 

This kid would never shoot anyone.  He never aimed the at gun at anyone, he only made threats to some of the people at the party (probably because he was trying to act like a hardass like he always does), he was only tackled because someone saw that he was carrying the gun.  The kid honestly was a dumbass

He wasn't however, some loner Asian gunman type, and he certainly had no student visa or any bullshit like that.  I think you should keep your mouth closed when you don't know what the hell you are talking about, and stop trying to compare him to Cho, because he wasn't anything like that.  He only got caught up in selling drugs and thats what eventually led to what happened the other day. 

Yea his name may be Zao Xing and he may be Asian with a gun to you, but to everyone who knows him he is Crossing from the Bronx who is a dumbass who tries to act like a hardass.

James Fulford writes: I don't see where I'm wrong here, and  the new facts presented by the writer don't cheer me up about immigrant assimilation. The old kind of assimilation practiced by Asians involved assimilating to the WASP culture of Harvard Medical School or Wall Street.

This involves neckties, sobriety, and hard work. It also involves staying out of trouble with the law. What the writer is saying is that   Zao Xing Yang is assimilating to the ghetto—drug dealing, rap music, and threatening to shoot people.. In effect, he's dragging himself down, not up, in spite of the fact that he may actually have had good enough marks to go to USC.

By the way, I still don't know if Yang is a citizen—being "perfectly American"  just means being able to talk English without an accent, but that doesn't mean he was born in the US. As for his harmlessness, when a meth dealer is seen holding a gun in his hand at a party, that's time to worry. He wasn't charged with "Weapons charges" but with "making criminal threats and committing an assault with a handgun. "

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