A Reader Reports Businesses Holding "Dia De La Familia" In Tyler Texas, To Attract The Non-Yankee Dollar
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From: Elizabeth Theiss in Texas

I just received a link to this event promoting Hispanics sponsored by the Bank Of America traitors. [Email the Bank Of America] This event is hosted by the East Texas Hispanic Business Forum, which claims that the function "will celebrate one of the most rooted traditions in the Hispanic culture, the family." It also aims to inform area businesses and non-profit organizations.

I have family that has lived in this area for many years. Who would have thought that this haven for rednecks would be a casualty of Reconquista? I wonder if the rednecks are going to strike soon?

VDARE.COM note: The coverage below indicates that local businesses are not only looking to get their hands on the money that non-English speakers are earning illegally, they're helping them stay illegally in the country. No one but an illegal immigrant needs a matricula consular.

"The businesses are all members of the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Navas-Jones said the Hispanic Business Forum wanted to help the chamber businesses expand their market and help Hispanic families learn the products and services available to them.

"'We're basically doing two functions: We're helping the business community and helping the Hispanic community. So far, it's done really well,' she said.

"The families also came to apply for passports and 'matriculas Consulares,' identification cards recognized by both the United States and Mexico. The Mexican Consulate's office in Dallas was represented at the event to help community members expedite the process.
['Dia De La Familia' Offers Fun, Opportunities By CINDY MALLETTE Tyler Telegraph, April 22, 2007]

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