Today's Letter: A Reader Reproaches Us For Not Spelling Things Out
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04/26/07 - An Angry Reader Reveals Reverse Assimilation At USC And In The Bronx

Re: Cho's Professor Nikki Giovanni: Teaching Hate At Virginia Tech By Steve Sailer

From: Jane McClelland [email]

Steve Sailer  "pushes the envelope too much?" What's envelope-pushing about quoting Nikki Giovanni's racist trash with those silly asterisks added in?

Do you think we're children who will faint at the sight of the word "ni**er?"[VD*R*.c*m note: The reader used the actual word here, of course.] Are you protecting your readers from her or are you protecting her from herself?

Treat us like adults, please. Either provide nothing but a link to a website that doesn't do this sort of juvenile censoring or just print the damn poems as she wrote them. They say more about her than any commentary could.

James Fulford writes: The concept behind such censorship is simple decency. I realize there's not a lot of that going around these days, but there are some things that shouldn't be said. The word in question adds nothing to the debate. And the censorware companies give us enough grief as it is. And as Winston Churchill said when he declared war on Japan, "It costs nothing to be polite."

If you absolutely must see bad words, Lifehacker reports that someone has written a Firefox plugin to "Uncensor the internet," a script that replaces standard asterisks in the "S*v*n Words you can't say on T*l*vision." It doesn't cover the "N-Word," but it can be customized. I note that the Martini Republic blog,  which originally had posted the poem "The True Import", without any asterisks, has taken it down because it's been used "at some sites to inspire contempt for Ms. Giovanni," which would be us, of course.

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