Today's Letter: A Reader Wonders Why The Senator From Arizona Needs To Go To Iowa To Find The Immigration Issue.
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03/20/07 - A Reader Notes An Irony In Black Flight From Hispanic Immigration

Re: McCain And Brownback Facing The Immigration Issue In Iowa

From: Craig Russell

"Immigration is probably a more powerful issue here than almost anyplace that I've been," McCain said after a town meeting in Cedar Falls. [McCain and Brownback Discover Immigration is Big Issue For Iowans By Adam Nagourney , New York Times, March 20, 2007]The senator from Arizona had to go to Iowa to figure that one out?

Apparently the Senator hasn't been reading the papers in his own state, where a referendum was on the ballot (which passed), and where bill after bill on the subject has appeared before the state legislature (frequently being vetoed by the governor).

The thing I love about the article's focus on McCain  and Brownback is that both these open borders nuts made their money by marrying rich women—McCain after dumping his first wife.

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