The SPLC On Equal Opportunity Hate Crimes
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Heidi Beirich writes from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Re: James Fulford's Blog item Congratulations To The SPLC

Dear James,

We have written about the topic you congratulate us for in depth. I'm attaching a story from our Fall 2005 Intelligence Report on black on  white hate crimes. We follow the data, though you accuse us of being  political. [Hues of Hate | Hate is an equal opportunity employer, By Susy Buchanan]

Just FYI, you may want to look at last year's study by Caroline Wolf  Harlow published by the NIJ [ PDF]. It shows  that the FBI hate crime data is grossly undercounted, something we have  argued for several years.




Heidi Beirich, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Intelligence Project
Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, AL  36104

[James Fulford writes: It's good to see that all kinds of hate crimes are being investigated—a crime is a crime—but on the ideology front I'd like to see rap music investigated with the same enthusiasm as our web page, since it's a multi-billion dollar hate industry, and we're hurting for funds .]

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