A Reader Says Italians Are In Denial About Who They Really Are
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11/27/06 - An Oregon Reader Wonders How Many Jobs Alien Jose Alfredo Cobian Stole From American Workers

From: Kitty Kat [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: We're Italian—Enjoy Us While You Can

I read Guzzardi's silly article about Italians and National Hispanic Heritage Month.

I find it amazing how Italians are in such denial about who they are. Italians try to fit in as white but I can spot their Latino features miles away.

Italians look Arab, Hispanic and Moor. I love how Italians try to deny it. They make fools of themselves because I see Africa all over their faces no matter how white they think they are. [VDARE.com Note: Reason Magazine has a similarly themed attack on Tom Tancredo here: Tom Tancredo, Grandson Of Dirty Immigrants.]

We have never had an Italian president because Italians are not white…dah, that's a no-brainer.

Only WASPs like me are white.

Joe Guzzardi Comments: No Comment!

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