A Bostonian Describes The Hispanization of Boston
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From: Matthew Richer [email]

East Boston is home to many Salvadorans.  MS-13 bases its operations there

Also, Boston is a sanctuary city, so cops can do little about MS-13's activities.  A few months ago, three Boston cops told me that they are literally in fear of the MS-13. 

Conveniently enough, Eastie is also by the airport, where many pounds of drugs are smuggled into the city every day by guess who?

The Hispanization of Boston is a very recent phenomenon.  Former Gov. Romney had trained state troopers to work with ICE to enforce immigration law.  One trooper told me that they often spot illegals driving cars very low to the ground, presumably weighted down because the cars are carrying drugs and/or human cargo.  But the new Governor Deval Patrick (Civil Rights Attorney under Clinton) recently nixed the program, ostensibly because it would impede the troopers from their other responsibilities.

These days, it seems like the main responsibility of law enforcement in Massachusetts is to wink at illegals.  It's no wonder why the 9/11 hijackers chose Boston as their base of operations.

Matthew Richer is the author of Busing's Boston Massacre

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