A New York State Legal Professional Says He Doesn't Expect To See DeBlasio's Police Suppressing Public Gatherings Of "Youths"
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From: An Anonymous Legal Professional [Email him]

New York City has issued a "pause" on nonessential public gatherings. Somehow, no news as to the effectiveness of police suppressing large groups in public.

You didn't really think that cops would actually approach "inner city youths," did you? Not after those barrel-of-water-over-the-head incidents.

Remember Michelle Malkin's NYC's Anti-Cop Anarchy—What Say You, Dante de Blasio?

Dante DeBlasio, the multiracial son of New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, had done an op-ed about the "fear" minority youths felt when talking to the police, and this was Michelle's response:

But actual reality smacked NYPD officers in their heads in two viral videos this week that had non-white witnesses in the 'hood laughing and jeering hysterically. In Harlem and Brooklyn, cops were attacked with buckets of water while onlookers hooted, hollered and incited chaos. A brazen young thug, not paralyzed in the least by the anxiety that de Blasio conjured up for his column, hurled a bucket that hit one of the LEOs in the back of the head. Members of the neighborhood mobs where the attacks occurred—similarly unaffected by Dante's manufactured disquietude—whipped out their phones to share their glee and cheered like they were watching an episode of "WWE RAW."

Watch them below:

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