Rob Sanchez Says Happy Feet Makes Him Unhappy
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Rob Sanchez [send him mail] writes from Arizona:

Over the weekend I watched the animated movie about penguins called "Happy Feet".

The animation is quite good, although I'm not a big fan of the digital animation that makes everything look so realistic. The film starts out too much like "March of the Penguins" which makes it somewhat slow at first. It develops into an OK movie (I'll give it a 3 star out of five). The best thing about the movie is the environmental message that uncontrolled fishing affects animals like penguins. It also takes a good jab at the Joe Six-Packs of the world who throw their six-pack plastic rings everywhere but in the garbage can.

It didn't escape my attention that the ones who solved the fishing problem appear to be the globalists at the United Nations. I was willing to forgive the blatant propagandizing for the New World Order if that was the only problem with the movie. Unfortunately the movie has a much subtler and far more sinister message.

In brief, the main tribe of penguins are portrayed as African-American blacks. After laying eggs and hatching their young they spend most of their time singing and dancing to soul music.

The second tribe are of Hispanic origin, most likely Mexican or some type of South American. They spend their time singing and dancing to music with heavy Latin beats like salsa.

Happy Feet was a penguin born in the black tribe and it's obvious that he is different because he can tap-dance but not sing. Sad and dejected by his inability to sing he wanders to the Hispanic tribe and makes friends with four Hispanic penguins that instantly accepts Happy Feet's tap dancing.

It doesn't take long before both tribes of young penguins are dancing to hip-hop and funk tunes.

The Hispanic tribe is very cool and seems very open to having fun with other penguin tribes. Race doesn't seem to be a factor with any of the young penguins but that wasn't the case for the older fuddy-duddies that rule the black tribe.

It didn't take long for the older penguins to get angry over the new hip-hop and Latin dance styles and they started to rant about preserving their cultural purity. They rejected any idea of integrating with the different penguin tribes and did not want their races to mix.

The fuddy-duddies who ruled the black penguin tribe were old, wrinkled, and ugly, and they spoke with noticeable Southern accents, and some sounded like snooty British nobility.

Guess who the white folks were in this scenario?

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