A Bay Area Reader Reports Immigration Unpopular With Left-Wing Radio Listeners
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From:  John B. Quick in the Bay Area

I was listening to KPFA this Sunday morning. To those who don't know what it is KPFA is the far left radio station based in Berkeley, California. And by far left, I mean they are left of Lenin.

Peter Laufer was substitute hosting a call in radio show called Sunday Salon. [Listen here.] For one hour Laufer was soliciting ideas from callers to use in his debate with Peter Brimelow. The funny thing is that much to his surprise and mine probably 8 out of 10 callers were vehemently against illegal immigration. He was desperately trying to debate the listeners but he ended losing control of his show. He kept trying to interrupt callers once they began to disagree with him and used his microphone (which was much louder than callers) to talk over callers who were making points that made him look ignorant in comparison, which was every 30 seconds or so. I don't think they screened callers but it probably would not have mattered anyway, they were good old hippies and feminists, anti-war activists, and environmentalists.

The most interesting thing to me is how many people on the left hate illegal immigration as well. Based on politics on the left/Democratic side one might assume that very few people on the left are anti-illegal alien but the reality is that their institutions are more tightly controlled especially on things involving race and ethnicity. On the right there is talk radio, the Washington Times, Fox News, etc. On the left they are just getting it shoved down their throats. Even the environmental movement has had its leadership purged by multi-culturists in order to appease ethnic politics. The same can be said for Unions, public institutions like schools and public employees, and everyone else on the left.

For an hour the socialists at KPFA had to endure the truth from their listeners and by the likes of it I think it is going to hurt for a while.

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