On St. Patrick's Day, An Irish-American Calls For National Unity—Even If It Includes WASPS!
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03/15/07 - Another Reader Listens To Bay Area Talk Radio

From:  Warren O'Leary

Re: A Pro-Celtic Reader Reminds Us Of Anglo-Saxon Oppression

Dear Fellow Celt,

Two wrongs don't make a "right"; Do unto others that you want done unto you. "If we don't hang together, we will certainly hang separately"! As Our Lord Jesus, The Christ, taught us "Love thy Neighbor as Thy Self ".

Put your fears and righteousness into God's care. A people divided against itself shall not stand! Let's "bury the hatchet " and struggle together against our own common genocide/culturalcide.  Let's celebrate Lent together with our European-stock brothers and sisters.

Pax Christi et Bonum!

Warren O'Leary is an old friend of VDARE.COM

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