On St. Patrick's Day, An Irish Reader Reminds His Countrymen That Not All Irish Are For "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"
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From: Marty O' Dea (e-mail him)

Count me as one Irishman who is not behind my many of my fellow Celts' push for amnesty.

The word circulating throughout Texas is that the Irish lobbyists for "comprehensive immigration reform" will lean on Senator John Cornyn to be the second Republican behind Lindsey Graham to sign on.

Cornyn, who is an infamous immigration waffler, is of Irish heritage.

Good luck to Cornyn if he gets sucked in by Graham.

If Cornyn wonders what fate might await him, all he has to do is look at the drubbing his Texas Senate colleague Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the gubernatorial primary at the hands of Rick Perry. (Gov. Perry Defeats Hutchinson in GOP Primary, by Kelly Shannon and Jay Root, Associated Press, March 2, 2010)

Anything that smacks of Washington insider betrayal is a one-way ticket out of office.

O'Dea lives in Dallas where, he notes, Irish are "few and far between."

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